Make Payments with and Receive Coaching from the Jawbone UP4 Fitness Tracker

The Jawbone UP4 uniquely brings together fitness tracking, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking and wireless payments. While not moving away from Jawbone’s core technology and core customers, the new fitness tracker can make the experience wearing a fitness tracker more rewarding. Moving with the industry and including intelligent activity tacking, the Jawbone will automatically record whether you are walking, running, or sleeping.

The Jawbone UP application tracks your steps, sleep, food, and more.

The Jawbone UP application tracks your steps, sleep, food, and more.

How Does This Work?

To use the Jawbone UP4, you have to place the band over your wrist and forget about it. Its dynamic appearance makes it fit in perfectly with the rest of your jewelry or other accessories you might have.

This will then link up to a proper mobile device. It uses a Bluetooth 4.0 connection to link up to any phones and tablets so you can keep track of the recordings and to manually update your fitness, weight, and nutrition manually.

Minus the optional use of the manual updates you can add to the application as well as setting alarms, the band is a set and forget piece of equipment. Although in many cases this is beneficial, due to the fact that this is a standalone fitness tracker without a clock screen or other manual feedback on the band, it can be easy to take it off and forget you removed it.


The specifications of the Jawbone UP4 include the following:

  • TPU rubber band with an anodized aluminum case

  • Stainless steel clasp

  • Splash-proof body

  • 3-axis accelerometer

  • Lithium-ion polymer battery that lasts for up to seven days on one charge

  • Magnetic USB charging link that gets the band charged in about 100 minutes

  • Bluetooth 4.0 support

  • 220 mm x 12.2 mm x 3.0-9.3 mm in size; it can first wrists from 140 to 190 mm

  • Weighs 29 g

  • 14 day battery life

The band comes with its own USB cable after you buy it. This cable can link the band up to a computer or other device to help you read and configure its data.

Including basic activity and sleep tracking, the Jawbone UP4 provides consistent heart rate monitoring throughout the day, personalized digital smart coaching, wireless payments, and smart alarms. Like many other digital bands, the smart alarms work along with the tracking of your sleep cycles in order to wake you up while you are in a light sleep rather than a deep sleep.

Set goals, record steps and distance, and receive encouragement from the "smart coach" feature.

Set goals, record steps and distance, and receive encouragement from the "smart coach" feature.

What It Tracks

The reason many people purchase a fitness tracker is to specifically track how many steps you take per day, how far you travel per day, and how many calories you burn while moving. The Jawbone UP4 does all of these flawlessly throughout the day and without you having to keep an eye on the device (unless of course you are checking on your progress!).

Sleep tracking with the Jawbone is like any other sleep tracking device, but the application makes the experience enjoyable to review. It will become obvious overtime how your REM cycles should look for a good night’s sleep vs a poor night’s sleep. The distance between the light and deep sleep cycles will help you find patterns and change habits in your life that will influence your energy levels throughout the day.

Bioimpedance sensors are used to help you review your resting and active heart rates. Like the sleep tracker, the heart rate monitor is like any other heart rate monitor, but he application is very well designed. Using this feature will provide insights on your stress levels, when you are fully rested vs active, and allow you to understand and change habits to move your health into the direction you are aiming for.

Your activity and the time is tracked together, giving you the option to tell the fitness tracker to provide gentle vibrations to remind you to get up and move. It has been proven that a sedentary lifestyle causes weight gain and other health issues, so reminding yourself of this is important. The watch also uses these vibrations as alarms you can set associated with your sleep cycle.

Check On Your Diet

One unique aspect of the Jawbone UP4 comes from the food logging feature that the application allows you to manually provide. Whether you are trying to check on your current diet and make changes for weight loss, muscle gain, or other reasons, the food logging part of the application makes this seamlessly integrated with your already tracked activity and calories burned. It makes calculated decisions on how many calories you should be consuming based on your weight, activity level, etc.

Along with this, the application provides a “smart coach” that will analyze your past activity and nutrition/diet choices that have been logged and will make suggestions, congratulate you, and encourage you towards reaching your goals. The more information it gathers, the more able the Jawbone will be at providing relevant information.

Connect with and challenge friends to "duels" or competitions.

Connect with and challenge friends to "duels" or competitions.

An Interesting Feature

While this isn't necessarily related to your health, there is one feature of the Jawbone UP4 that utilizes the tracking feature on your watch. The UP4 can link to an American Express card recorded in your smart phone. It is advertised by Jawbone as an easy way to make payments at any store that accepts wireless payments, including the purchase of lattes and smoothies. This may be what separates this tracker from competition, and what will make you want to remember your UP4.

The Jawbone UP4 is a perfect fitness tracker for those who want to keep track of their physical routines as carefully as possible. It is especially for those looking for ways to keep track of habits and figure out ways to change those habits in a positive way. Because it is a set and forget device, it will become